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It was all Ned’s idea.

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Never been particularly good at holidays. Time off’s cool, but I’m not the lazing around kind of guy – more like the dorkus malorkus who needs to cram every minute with activities. So I wondered how I’d go spending 5 … Continue reading

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By demons be driven

I gave up drinking for January. I was training for an endurance cycling event and I needed to be fit. That wasn’t the main reason I took the time off. Mostly I was friggin’ over it. Alcohol and I where … Continue reading

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Throwing the leg over

Went for my annual bike-riding hit-out at the Audax Alpine Classic in Bright. Had a great time. Long distance endurance cycling is my bag – I freaking love a long day out on my bike in the mountains, and I’m … Continue reading

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France, 2009

Cleaning out an old computer and found some photos from our family trip to France in ’09. We had six lazy weeks of chillin’ in parks, taking in festivals and galleries, and travelling by train to set-up in far-flung towns. … Continue reading

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Shedding skin

January is de-clutter month. Like quitting booze or trying to eat better, it’s time to take account, straighten up, fly right. I have the kind of hoarder tendencies that most people do. I spend a year stuffing things into spaces … Continue reading

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Over hill and dale

I went for a bit of a bike ride this past weekend. I had a lot of fun, and goddamn it, learned some stuff. Mount Baw Baw would be one of the toughest road cycling climbs Australia has to offer. … Continue reading

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I’ve not only accepted my baldness, I’ve now well and truly embraced it. I was never in denial. Or at least, not to myself. For the longest time I would simply stare at my thinning crown in the mirror with … Continue reading

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Boys weekend: Camping at Mount Arapilies

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Beardie weirdie

Every winter for the last few years I’ve grown a beard. And not some discreet and carefully manicured bit of tuft made for tending like a window box of daisies. I grow a full-face full-on man-beard that looks like that … Continue reading

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