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Hardest of the sorta hard

About five years ago, right around the time my first baby came along, time suddenly became very, very scarce. Being time-poor had never really been a problem for me. Were I raised in the era of my old man, of … Continue reading

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Fast as I can

So, tried to take up running. Didn’t work out so good. Running is a hard, hateful thing and it’s a matter of historical fact that not one person has every actually enjoyed doing it. But as far as time-efficient exercise … Continue reading

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Steady as she goes

Slowly but surely, after much pain, exhaustion and being very sucky for a really long time, I think I’ve finally turned the corner and transformed myself into being A Runner. I started running about a year ago, and after steady, … Continue reading

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Ready, steady…

I’ve been working with a new physical training idea in the shed at home. It’s called “knowing what you’re doing”. Rather than my tried and true training technique all these years – slowly, numbly lifting heavy things repeatedly with no … Continue reading

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Now drop and give me twenty

I was pretty unathletic as a teenager. I was alright as a little kid, running around hopped-up on sugar and freaky energy like every other pre-pubescent. But something happened around the age of ten – I think maybe I discovered … Continue reading

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God help me, I’ve started running. Why? With two young children, one of them real fresh, I can’t carve off the kind of time I’d like to have to go cycling. In 30 minutes of running I can get a … Continue reading

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