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A shed of one’s own

I lived in warehouse share-living arrangements around Sydney and Melbourne for a long time. Actually, maybe just fractionally too long, given how unpleasantly the last one ended…which is another story entirely. I always enjoyed the fact you could make a … Continue reading

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But you eat bacon, right?

I’ve been vegetarian for 22 years. Apart from my forgivable first year as an annoying new convert, I’ve made a point of not pushing it down anyone’s throat. And yet I’m amazed at how many omnivores feel the need to … Continue reading

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God help me, I’ve started running. Why? With two young children, one of them real fresh, I can’t carve off the kind of time I’d like to have to go cycling. In 30 minutes of running I can get a … Continue reading

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Scaling great heights

In Easter of this year my 2 1/2 year old son Ned and I went camping for four days in the Grampians. We stayed in Stapylton campground in the north, and there were heaps of buddies around doing the Easter … Continue reading

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