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Where’d everybody go?

I hate it when people move away. You’ve dug through the cloying morass of stupid, self-interested people to get to the good stuff, spent time developing a friendship, feel like you’ve actually got some  meaningful connection going on, then the … Continue reading

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Slint: Spiderland

My young boys wake up early. By 6 am the three of us are in the lounge room reading books, playing with toys, mucking about with the iPad, while the mama is catching up on sleep after the night’s breast-feeding … Continue reading

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Everybody has great days and sucky days in their job. My work as a User Experience Designer brings me a share of both, but on the whole I don’t feel like I get my due allotment of sucktitude. There are … Continue reading

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Things to like about being on holiday, in no particular order: • Successfully attempting – against one’s better judgement – to take one’s partner and two small boys on a family beach holiday away from the usual comforts – air-con, … Continue reading

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The long road back

This time last year I was a beast on the bicycle, fitter than I’ve ever been. A regular weekly regime of interval training on the fixed-gear and a huge mountain-riding weekender helped me build myself to a brilliant level of … Continue reading

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