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Enjoy the silence

I’ve been hanging out with this guy a lot lately: Our relationship was tough at the start. Classic ‘second baby’ thing. With my first shortie the experience was awesome in the truest sense and I was very into the whole … Continue reading

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Christmas is a lie

The best Christmas I ever had was also the worst. The Christmas our family had just before my parents separated was an embarrassment of riches presents-wise for us kids. Of course I didn’t know what was happening at the time. … Continue reading

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Now drop and give me twenty

I was pretty unathletic as a teenager. I was alright as a little kid, running around hopped-up on sugar and freaky energy like every other pre-pubescent. But something happened around the age of ten – I think maybe I discovered … Continue reading

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Poker face

I was working at this place a while back when this new guy joined the company. Let’s call him Darrel. He entered the business at a fairly high-up-the-food-chain point. Some kind of super-duper business manager type. A ‘big deal’ kind … Continue reading

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I’ve managed to acquire a huge amount of redundant and superseded gadgets. It’s steadily built up over the years like so many poorly chosen neckties. I have the Big Box of Crap Tech in the shed to prove it – looks like a Transformer vomited into a bucket. Continue reading

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