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Old dog, new trick

I’ve been spending a lot of time building interaction wire-frames in Omnigraffle Pro lately. It’s probably time to out myself, nerd-wise: Me and OGP – it’s a love affair. From my experience, when it comes to wire-framing nothing matches what … Continue reading

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I’m wearing a comically large truckers hat. I feel good about myself.

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Your friends and neighbours

Our street is full of very homogenous-looking three bedroom brick houses. The houses were built to low-cost plan back in the early fifties, and you can easily imagine everyone breaking bread in largely identical dining rooms, lined up all in … Continue reading

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Keeping it real

This week I found myself at a micro-brewery festival with two good friends drinking many small serves of great-tasting beers. ‘Found myself’ in as much as one of my best buddies had suggested we and another guy meet at the … Continue reading

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Toddler or recently dumped, very drunk middle-aged guy?

• Staggers into room and stands swaying heavily, falls down and hits head against door. Doesn’t seem to notice. • Peers woozily up and recognises you. Seems to be trying to smile, comes off looking like a leer. • Stands up … Continue reading

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