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Hole in my pocket

I’ve never been spectacular at hanging on to money. Not all money gives me trouble, just sums of a particular size. I mean, I can make fifty bucks last if I need to – that kind of thing is hard-wired … Continue reading

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Baggage: Part 2

My dad drove to Melbourne recently and delivered a load of my stuff that’s been in mum’s shed for the last 25 years. Some of it I’m still trying work out what to do with. But there was this stuff, … Continue reading

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More than just a cup

The perils of making friends with the local coffee guy is that they’ll tell you so many things. Dark, secret things about extraction, grind quality, aging the beans, the differences in crema. . . Before you know it you’ve started … Continue reading

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Baggage: Part 1

I knew one day it would show up, and I was dreading it’s arrival. Recently my dad brought down a car-load of my crap that’d been stored at my mother’s house for a couple of decades. I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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