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Money for nothing

I’ve mentioned before my feelings on gift cards, aka “vouchers”, aka “chump cards”. In short, I consider them the greatest retail scam ever. Having been burnt by Borders in the the gift card stakes, I feel nothing but pure, cold, … Continue reading

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Near miss

This morning, Saturday, I went to pick up the last of my stuff from my old workplace. I wanted to avoid the crowds and all the talking, just slip in and slip out. And I thought my door-pass would be … Continue reading

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Waxy goodness

A few vinyl treats I picked up on a recent trip to Sydney. Way back in the early 90s I was introduced to Mister Bungle’s self-titled debut, and it was truly some big musical doors opening for me. This album … Continue reading

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On the couch

Whilst watching an old episode of ‘Sex And The City’ that happened to be on: “Hey is that that guy?” “Which guy?” “That singer guy.” “Harry Connick Junior?” “Yeah.” “No.”

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Spending what you’ve saved

I’ve always been annoyed at how those who take some kind of ethical stand – be it by not using plastic bags, being vegetarian, not buying from certain stores, whatever – get held up to ridicule by those with the … Continue reading

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Car life

Cars do nothing for me. Ours is a culture of adoration for and glorification of the automobile, but I am not a part of that world. I don’t enjoy driving, I don’t fantasise about owning a flashy car. It would … Continue reading

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Bleary, weary, beery, cheery

That’s two nights in a row I’ve had a good mate come over to my place to hangout where we’ve drunk very good beer, listened to records and had a good time. Friday was my mate and Dim Gyms training … Continue reading

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