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Love is Blindness

source: One of my all-time favourite bands is U2. I realise this makes me an enormous dag – or, with a nod to the band’s Berlin phase, “├╝ber dag”. It’s not fashionable to admit to any kind of fandom … Continue reading

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Flying in the face of Modernity

Eugene Polley, inventor of the wireless TV remote control, passed away this week at the age of 96. A cracking innings, no doubt. And, ironically, far older than many of the sedentary users of his greatest invention will live to … Continue reading

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Building a callous

There are positives to beating your head against a wall. For one, you build yourself a nice callous, and lord knows they’re handy for Glaswegian kissing. Also, learning to live with a perpetual headache is handy for building your emotional … Continue reading

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Two days flat on my back in bed with some kind of phlegmy, sad, coughing affair. I watched so much quality downloaded American TV that I think I might have gout of the brain. I watched most of season one … Continue reading

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