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RIP Jill Meagher

Like most people who live in the inner city area of Melbourne I watched with creeping dread as the story of Jill Meagher unfurled last week. When the news finally came in that something truly horrible had happened, I, like … Continue reading

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Justice served cold and wet

The neighbour cat that was using my vegie patch as a toilet that I built the chicken-wire enclosure to try to keep out? Walked out this morning to see him lying in my garden inside the netting, sunning himself amongst … Continue reading

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Seeing clearly

One of these sets of glasses I need to see well. The other is a dress-up pair the kids play with. For some reason they both reside on the sideboard in the hallway. When I’m leaving each day I go … Continue reading

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Mixed metaphors

For me these days, having a solid, fitful night’s sleep is a bit like getting to enjoy a fantastic meal at a fancy restaurant that I don’t have to pay for: I recollect it’s happened to me some time in … Continue reading

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