Coffee up

Roasting your own coffee beans. The final hipster douche bag frontier.

My brother grew a coffee plant in his garden and gave me a bunch of green beans to take home. I was curious to see what roasting them myself would produce, and a bit of research showed that an air-popping popcorn machine would do the trick. I dragged the Poposaurus out and fired him up in the backyard and away I went.

The roasting was slow to start but sped up incredibly quickly, which meant watching for how the beans changed as they roasted was difficult. They started to brown up and make the distinct ‘pop’ I’d read about. Poposaurus never worked so hard: the husks came off and blew out of the machine, along with a clouds of the white, acrid smoke, the kind of smell that fills the streets of Melbourne, and it felt like it was really happening.

The smell started to change and I could tell I’d overdone it and crossed some kind of line, so I got the beans out and started picking off the husks. I pulled out a few clearly burnt beans but mostly it looked just like the proper stuff.

And the taste? If I’m generous I’d call it ‘French style’. Being unkind and somewhat more accurate, I’d say I burnt the crap out of it. Still, it was drinkable. And I learnt a lot for the next batch.

Projects are fun.

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