Easter 2016

Another glorious Easter camping out west at Mount Arapilies, scrambling up and over rocks with my two best guys, going to bed exhausted and sleeping warm on cool desert evenings.

It was my slight return to climbing after a year off (or more?) while I focused exclusively on being fit on the bike. No climbing training whatsoever before heading out but it was never going to be a massive bash for me. Mostly about making sure the kids have great experiences out there, getting good and grubby and eating lots of chocolate.

And boy, did they get both in spades. My oldest got so dirty that even I was feeling the shame of questionable dadding, so I had him change into new kit. 30 minutes later he was just as grotty all over again, so I gave up on that idea promptly. As for chocolate. . . woah momma, did those boys eat a lot.

We had a great crew this time, George running kid-free and having an old-school off the leash time of it, and him bringing along a group of people new to me who quickly became good friends. Love having a big pack of good kids running together and having the time.

Mount Araplies, how I missed you.

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