Three Peaks 2017 – kerblammo!

Rode my first Three Peaks on Sunday and am happy to report I smashed it up real good. I was aiming for a sub-10 hour ride time and had 9 hours 30 minutes as a stretch goal. Managed to get ‘er done in 9 hours 19 minutes. Very, very pleased, and it didn’t destroy me. Indeed, it’s a few days after right now and my body and mind are feeling great.

It was great to go out on ‘the big loop’ and ride it as hard as I could. I’ve done that route so many times now – all those Audax 250s, the recent 320 Utlra, the training weekend in December – that I think I’ve finally figured out how to ride it well. Where to be constant, where to conserve, where to give it some curry. The Back of Falls climb is never, ever easy, but I do think I climbed it better on Sunday than I ever have.

High points on the ride would be the handful of micro-friendships I made with dudes where we helped eachother and worked together through some touch sections. The two cans of full-strength Coke I had halfway up the last climb made me feel like Superman, and lived that by dragging a bunch of broken chumps up the last 10kms of climbing before dropping the hammer and racing to the finish line. What a buzz that was.

I’m not sure I’ll be back for more of the Three Peaks. I’m thrilled with the time I managed it in, and though I’m sure I could improve it, I’m not sure I feel that motivated to do so. That could be a reflection based on the immediacy right now of ‘wow, that was hard, and my butt is sore, and that’ll do’, but really, I feel like that’s something I can put in the bag and not take back out.

But I’d never say never.

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