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Touchy feely

When the iPad was first announced my developer friend Chris echoed the attitude of many IT commentators at the time when he said “worst product ever”. The iPad wasn’t actually available, but this didn’t stop people making their assessment based … Continue reading

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Hole in my pocket

I’ve never been spectacular at hanging on to money. Not all money gives me trouble, just sums of a particular size. I mean, I can make fifty bucks last if I need to – that kind of thing is hard-wired … Continue reading

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I’ve managed to acquire a huge amount of redundant and superseded gadgets. It’s steadily built up over the years like so many poorly chosen neckties. I have the Big Box of Crap Tech in the shed to prove it – looks like a Transformer vomited into a bucket. Continue reading

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Fan Boi

I recently bought new Apple equipment to replace my aging & failing Macbook Pro. I drive a pretty well-specced MBP at work and I didn’t feel the need to get a home machine that would essentially be used for email, … Continue reading

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