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Three Peaks 2017 – kerblammo!

Rode my first Three Peaks on Sunday and am happy to report I smashed it up real good. I was aiming for a sub-10 hour ride time and had 9 hours 30 minutes as a stretch goal. Managed to get … Continue reading

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Farewell, Old Soldier

Seeing a bike aging and rusting away in a backyard is such a bummer. And yet I did that very thing to bike I had previously loved so, so hard. Watching this boy degrade away in the driveway was making … Continue reading

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Tour de Point Hicks 2016

An amazing five days just passed out in far-flung East Gippsland staying at Point Hicks lighthouse in Croajingolong National Park. Mountain biking, walking giant dunes, drinking wine and adventuring. We started in Bairnsdale and toured our way to Point Hicks … Continue reading

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Over hill and dale

I went for a bit of a bike ride this past weekend. I had a lot of fun, and goddamn it, learned some stuff. Mount Baw Baw would be one of the toughest road cycling climbs Australia has to offer. … Continue reading

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Fast and furious

Nothing like fasting for a day to make you feel the full weight of your hideous, privileged, over-nourished existence. Years ago I read the story of the Biosphere 2 and it’s infamous first mission. A cool idea and a terrible … Continue reading

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Fun night in

Recently I introduced and explained DimGyms to all y’all and I thought it might be cool to break down a session. Paint the picture of a typical session, so to speak. Last night we did us some DimGyms and by … Continue reading

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Hardest of the sorta hard

About five years ago, right around the time my first baby came along, time suddenly became very, very scarce. Being time-poor had never really been a problem for me. Were I raised in the era of my old man, of … Continue reading

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Building a callous

There are positives to beating your head against a wall. For one, you build yourself a nice callous, and lord knows they’re handy for Glaswegian kissing. Also, learning to live with a perpetual headache is handy for building your emotional … Continue reading

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Two days flat on my back in bed with some kind of phlegmy, sad, coughing affair. I watched so much quality downloaded American TV that I think I might have gout of the brain. I watched most of season one … Continue reading

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Fast as I can

So, tried to take up running. Didn’t work out so good. Running is a hard, hateful thing and it’s a matter of historical fact that not one person has every actually enjoyed doing it. But as far as time-efficient exercise … Continue reading

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