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The hunger game

For the past two months I’ve been starving myself a day a week just to see what that would be like. I’d come across some research that talked up the virtues and potential long-term health benefits of calorie restricted diets. … Continue reading

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Fast and furious

Nothing like fasting for a day to make you feel the full weight of your hideous, privileged, over-nourished existence. Years ago I read the story of the Biosphere 2 and it’s infamous first mission. A cool idea and a terrible … Continue reading

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Home life

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Things I’m happy about right goddamn now. Cold, wet commutes to work. Good gloves and shoes, a sweet winter cycling jersey and solid rain jacket, plus enough time to cruise: Lots of solace in a slow commute to work on … Continue reading

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Wild and wooly: Easter 2012

Back from five days camping in the Grampians, and my, that was some big challenges faced and overcome. I go camping and climbing with my oldest boy Ned quite a bit – see here, here and here – but this … Continue reading

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Purple reign

I’m not immune to the siren call of a new ‘superfood’. I like to tell myself I eat well but there’s no way a few veggies and a multivitamin can make up for the bread, rice, oil and sauces of … Continue reading

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Money for nothing

I’ve mentioned before my feelings on gift cards, aka “vouchers”, aka “chump cards”. In short, I consider them the greatest retail scam ever. Having been burnt by Borders in the the gift card stakes, I feel nothing but pure, cold, … Continue reading

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