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Three Peaks 2017 – kerblammo!

Rode my first Three Peaks on Sunday and am happy to report I smashed it up real good. I was aiming for a sub-10 hour ride time and had 9 hours 30 minutes as a stretch goal. Managed to get … Continue reading

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By demons be driven

I gave up drinking for January. I was training for an endurance cycling event and I needed to be fit. That wasn’t the main reason I took the time off. Mostly I was friggin’ over it. Alcohol and I where … Continue reading

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Throwing the leg over

Went for my annual bike-riding hit-out at the Audax Alpine Classic in Bright. Had a great time. Long distance endurance cycling is my bag – I freaking love a long day out on my bike in the mountains, and I’m … Continue reading

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I’ve not only accepted my baldness, I’ve now well and truly embraced it. I was never in denial. Or at least, not to myself. For the longest time I would simply stare at my thinning crown in the mirror with … Continue reading

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Fast and furious

Nothing like fasting for a day to make you feel the full weight of your hideous, privileged, over-nourished existence. Years ago I read the story of the Biosphere 2 and it’s infamous first mission. A cool idea and a terrible … Continue reading

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Mellowed road-rager

For the seventeen years I’ve lived in Melbourne I’ve been a dedicated cyclist. Some of that time I was a bike courier, some as an ‘activist lite’ as part of Critical Mass, but mostly as a commuter, hacking my way … Continue reading

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Fun night in

Recently I introduced and explained DimGyms to all y’all and I thought it might be cool to break down a session. Paint the picture of a typical session, so to speak. Last night we did us some DimGyms and by … Continue reading

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Hardest of the sorta hard

About five years ago, right around the time my first baby came along, time suddenly became very, very scarce. Being time-poor had never really been a problem for me. Were I raised in the era of my old man, of … Continue reading

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Things I’m happy about right goddamn now. Cold, wet commutes to work. Good gloves and shoes, a sweet winter cycling jersey and solid rain jacket, plus enough time to cruise: Lots of solace in a slow commute to work on … Continue reading

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Two days flat on my back in bed with some kind of phlegmy, sad, coughing affair. I watched so much quality downloaded American TV that I think I might have gout of the brain. I watched most of season one … Continue reading

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