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A hell of my own making

During my years of group housing arrangements I convinced myself that I enjoyed share-living because of the wide range of interesting and unique people I was coming into contact with, getting to share in the way they lived, enjoying the … Continue reading

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It came upon me one day that my boy needed play equipment in the back yard. Something he could climb and swing on and jump off and otherwise claim as his castle. I conceived a great plan: To craft a … Continue reading

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Bad, bad things

Mistakes are easy to make. Some you make you don’t even know you’re making them, the ones that come from ignorance or blind stupidity. When the topic comes up “mistakes you’ve made” or “worst thing you ever did”, I got … Continue reading

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Your friends and neighbours

Our street is full of very homogenous-looking three bedroom brick houses. The houses were built to low-cost plan back in the early fifties, and you can easily imagine everyone breaking bread in largely identical dining rooms, lined up all in … Continue reading

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