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I really like sketchnotes. They’re a terrific way of visually communicating a thought process or collection of ideas. The very best ones manage to sum up a lot of information in a succinct, fun, clever way. I travelled a lot … Continue reading

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Touchy feely

When the iPad was first announced my developer friend Chris echoed the attitude of many IT commentators at the time when he said “worst product ever”. The iPad wasn’t actually available, but this didn’t stop people making their assessment based … Continue reading

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Slint: Spiderland

My young boys wake up early. By 6 am the three of us are in the lounge room reading books, playing with toys, mucking about with the iPad, while the mama is catching up on sleep after the night’s breast-feeding … Continue reading

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Things to like about being on holiday, in no particular order: • Successfully attempting – against one’s better judgement – to take one’s partner and two small boys on a family beach holiday away from the usual comforts – air-con, … Continue reading

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Fan Boi

I recently bought new Apple equipment to replace my aging & failing Macbook Pro. I drive a pretty well-specced MBP at work and I didn’t feel the need to get a home machine that would essentially be used for email, … Continue reading

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