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Love is Blindness

source: http://www.tricksome.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/WhereBonoCantLive.jpg One of my all-time favourite bands is U2. I realise this makes me an enormous dag – or, with a nod to the band’s Berlin phase, “├╝ber dag”. It’s not fashionable to admit to any kind of fandom … Continue reading

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Bleary, weary, beery, cheery

That’s two nights in a row I’ve had a good mate come over to my place to hangout where we’ve drunk very good beer, listened to records and had a good time. Friday was my mate and Dim Gyms training … Continue reading

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Baggage: Part 2

My dad drove to Melbourne recently and delivered a load of my stuff that’s been in mum’s shed for the last 25 years. Some of it I’m still trying work out what to do with. But there was this stuff, … Continue reading

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Hunting while the bears are sleeping

This winter I’ve been on an obsessive record collecting spree. There’s a couple of really good record stores near my house. I’m particularly loving ‘The Music Jungle’ on High Street, Thornbury. It runs a nice mix between the rare and … Continue reading

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