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Mixed metaphors

For me these days, having a solid, fitful night’s sleep is a bit like getting to enjoy a fantastic meal at a fancy restaurant that I don’t have to pay for: I recollect it’s happened to me some time in … Continue reading

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Change it up

Got a new job again this week. Three different jobs in about a year. Gots me some ants in my pants, apparently. This time last year I was working at SEEK, Australia’s number one job website. It was a terrific … Continue reading

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Building a callous

There are positives to beating your head against a wall. For one, you build yourself a nice callous, and lord knows they’re handy for Glaswegian kissing. Also, learning to live with a perpetual headache is handy for building your emotional … Continue reading

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Meaningful Design Rationale

Recently I was in the shed using an old-timey carpenters’s pencil – one of those rectangular ones that proper old guys carry around in the front pocket of their overalls and sharpen with a knife. Real authentic-like. My son hadn’t … Continue reading

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Work daze

So, after only three months, I left my brand spanking new job at the bank. In terms of rigorous self-assessment, I think it’s fair to say it turned out to be a bit of a fail. I saw it coming … Continue reading

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Starting a new job is like going on an overseas holiday. Too many goddamn foreigners and the food is weird. For most of us work-a-day, rut-dwelling slobs, the workplace is reasonably fixed and constant. Change is challenging, and leaving the … Continue reading

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Near miss

This morning, Saturday, I went to pick up the last of my stuff from my old workplace. I wanted to avoid the crowds and all the talking, just slip in and slip out. And I thought my door-pass would be … Continue reading

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Spending what you’ve saved

I’ve always been annoyed at how those who take some kind of ethical stand – be it by not using plastic bags, being vegetarian, not buying from certain stores, whatever – get held up to ridicule by those with the … Continue reading

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Touchy feely

When the iPad was first announced my developer friend Chris echoed the attitude of many IT commentators at the time when he said “worst product ever”. The iPad wasn’t actually available, but this didn’t stop people making their assessment based … Continue reading

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Like most Melbourne cyclists, this morning I had this year’s first proper hard, cold morning of bicycle commuting to work. And I loved it. Autumn is the king of seasons down south, especially to the aesthete. That particular cold haze … Continue reading

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